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How To Be More Creative

April 18, 2016


Step 1.


Remember that creativity loves constraints. This might sound a little bit counterintuitive, but when you limit the number of resources you have at your disposal, your creativity is forced to express itself. You become more successful when you niche down and simplify. 


Step 2. 


Write down everything. Coming up with ideas is merely a numbers game, keep writing down your ideas and one day, your aha moment will come. Write for others, write for yourselves, either way, write for creativity. 


Step 3. 


Be a constant and continual learner. When it comes to consuming knowledge, don’t limit yourself one bit. Inspiration comes from all kinds of sources. In the words of psychologist Robert Epstein, “You’ll do better in psychology and life if you broaden your knowledge.”


Step 4. 


Sleep longer. Sleep debt is cumulative and if you get 6 hours of sleep per night for two weeks straight, your mental and physical performance declines to the same level as if you had stayed awake for 48 hours straight. Like all cognitive functions, creative thinking is significantly impaired by sleep deprivation.


Step 5. 


Get out. The creative process happens when you experience nature and what the world has to offer. Spending time in nature and increasing your exposure to sunlight can lead to higher levels of creativity. 


Step 6. 


Improve your mindset. Positive psychology research has revealed that we tend to think more broadly when we are happy. This concept, which is known as the Broaden and Build Theory, makes it easier for us to make creative connections between ideas. Conversely, sadness and depression seems to lead to more restrictive and limited thinking.


In Summary.


Creativity is most certainly a process. It is hard work and it is something that can always be improved upon. Commit now to practicing this creative process and deliberately improve upon your craft. 




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