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Riches in the Niches

May 13, 2016


Take a look at the most successful brands. I don’t mean those brands that are well-known around the world like Apple, Google and Amazon (although those brands are wildly successful) I mean look at those brands that do so much with so little. For some it might be that little food truck that has a million social media followers, for others it might be that life coach that is living the dream serving a few clients along with online courses. Whatever that successful brand may be, what is the one thing they have in common? They are massively focused on being great at one thing.


Successful branding means knowing your mission, knowing your strengths and then playing to those strengths in the most niched down market you can imagine. For example, I once read about an artist who just loved drawing the old fashioned way, with pencils and then decided to just start selling those pencils in a little shop in Manhattan. She now owns the pencil market because she niched down. 


Do you want a successful brand? Stop worrying about providing all of the services and products your target market could ever imagine, the big players are already doing that. You want to compete? Take you business and focus it 10x more than you are now. What is the one thing you do or have that is better than anyone else? Then build that aspect of the business until you own that market. 


This could be a specific product, service or even content. Just look at John Lee Dumas and how he created a million dollar company just by creating unique content. Did you think the sports content world was crowded? Then where in the world did Bleacher Report come from? Unique content is king, but so is a unique product or service. 


Niche down, for there are riches in the niches.

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