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The 4 Most Essential Things to Startup Branding

May 17, 2016


1. Take Design Seriously 


Of course we are going to start off this list by talking about design because we are a design studio and design matters. By focusing on elegant design, your customers will quickly understand that you pay close attention to detail. Good design starts with aesthetics but shouldn't end there. Push yourself to practice good design in all areas of your startup. Steve Jobs wanted the inside of his machines to be well designed even though he knew few would see inside. This attention to detail goes a long way. 


2. Tell Stories


In everything you do, tell stories. Your marketing should be one continual story. Your packaging and website also contribute to that story. Know why you are doing what you are doing and convey that message to your target audience through excellent story telling. 


3. Go Above and Beyond


I challenge you to order something online from This cycling company certainly knows what it means to go above and beyond and you will know what I mean when you get the package in the mail. Your competitive advantage doesn't only come from the product or service you provide. There are solutions for just about everything these days. Your advantage will come through how your customers and clients feel when they deal with you. 


4. Be Honest


Know what you are good at and don't be ashamed by it. Be upfront with people, everything can be fact-checked and reviews are king in today’s world. Learn from others in your industry but don’t just copy, have a unique voice and don’t be afraid to try new things and fail fast. You are a startup and can afford to move quickly. So get moving.  

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