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Focus On "Why"

May 26, 2016

Stop worrying so much about how you are going to do something and just get it done. 


Call home, read more, get up early and exercise, pursue your passion, set goals, then get out of your house and go and do. 


Don;t worry about what tools and apps and processes you will use, just start, then you can worry about those things later once you can prove to yourself you are actually a doer.  



For years I have wanted to start my own business. I really never knew what kind of company I wanted to own or how I was going to build it, I just new I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 


Most days I don't think about "how" I am going to do something, I just focus on my "why" and, somehow,


great things always happen when we prioritize "why" over "how."


Don't get me wrong, the how is important, but only at a certain phase once your "why" is well established. 


Once you understand "why" you are doing something, the "how" will be easy. 


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