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The Key To Happiness

June 7, 2016

I personally love personal development books, courses and other resources. I love learning about new ideas on how I can improve and become a better husband, innovator, designer, and entrepreneur. 


For the first 6 months of the year I have been focusing on happiness. It is interesting to me how the Declaration of Independence refers to happiness as something that is always sought for. Jefferson does not simply say that all men should be allowed happiness, but rather the “pursuit of happiness.” 


To me, the answer is easy, and maybe I am oversimplifying it, but when things are simplified they usually become more beautiful and easy to understand. 


Simply put, the key to happiness is the pursuit of happiness. 


When we are growing and challenging ourselves, we are happy. So go learn a new language, start that novel you have always been wanting to start, save up for that dream vacation, work on your passion project. Let you passions wake you and you will experience more happiness. It is in this pursuit that we become masters of our trades because we are always seeking more and trying to grow. 


The pursuit of happiness allows us to be enthusiastic about what we are doing and love waking up in the morning. My uncle once told me that as soon as his grandpa stopped working on the farm, that is when his health started to decline the most. We all need something to live for, it could be something small or large. 


The greatest competition you will ever have is with yourself. So take the time to contemplate who you are, what you mission is and what you are seeking. 



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