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How To Be More Creative By Getting Out

June 30, 2016


You aren't doing yourself, or your work, any favors by sitting around all day, or even just working all day. We all need to get out every day and do something more challenging than what we are all used to. 



Some of the most creative people who have ever lived have said that their greatest sources of inspiration have come when they were out of their comfort zone. 


So do something that pushes you, challenges you and even scares you, each and every day. 


Understand that work will always win when wishing away your life won't. So if you feel stuck, the solution is quite simple, get out and go do stuff - and then, regroup and get stuff done. 


Stop wasting time and making excuses. You are as creative, talented and successful as you will allow yourself to be. 


As with anything, it starts with your thoughts, so start there. 

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