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How To Make Commute Time = Creativity Time

July 20, 2016



Over the past week or so I have been really curious about what people do during their morning commutes. Most of friends and close acquaintances at least have somewhat of a commute, even if it is 5-10 minutes in a car. I also know many who have much longer commutes ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour. I also have had the chance to ask a few strangers on the subway what they do to pass the time or utilize their commute time. Many of their answers really inspired me. 

1. Carry a notebook.


It was very surprising to me, in our digital world, how many people still carry a simple notebook. Notebooks carry with them so many advantages, the number one I heard from my small sample, being an opportunity to disconnect. To many, keeping a notebook feels like an advantage, and for creatives, this is especially important when you are required to sift out unimportant information and break things down to their most essential levels. 


2. Read.


You knew this one was coming, but that should tell you something about its importance if you already knew it would be on the list. It is on almost every list of things to do to be more creative, and what a better way to pass the time than on your morning commute. Listen to an audiobook if you have to, learn to focus on stories and follow along to actually learn something valuable than just going from one article to the next without really learning anything that sticks.  


You can use your morning commute to your advantage. I sometimes bike to work and, for me, that is my time to think about project I have and let my mind run free to do its things. By the time I arrive at work, my mind has already been active and is eager to start the workday. 


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