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Have A Dream? Here Is How To Make It Happen

July 21, 2016


A close family member of mine just recently landed his dream job. A job working for a wonderful company doing what he loves and could do for the rest of his life. It was not an easy journey for him. He graduated college with over 100k in debt, worked for a company for the last ten years and had reached his full potential as far as advancing within that particular company. 


His whole career had been leading up to this moment.  A grueling 2 day interview process that included a variety of interviews, a technical test, a logical test and psychological evaluation. I asked him how he prepared for that kind of evaluation and he mentioned that on top of his normal training and skills he had consciously been developing over the last ten years, more recently he enrolled in interview courses and took practice test after practice test. This job would essentially be what he would be doing the rest of his life, he did not want to leave that up to chance. So he put in the time, hours, dedication, energy, effort and enthusiasm into getting this job - and he got it!


My number one takeaway from hearing about his life-changing experience was this:


If you want something, you will get it. There is no such thing as chance. You are where you are today because of the opportunities you have taken advantage of and your grit and determination to get you there. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes a perceived "failure" is actually life's way of telling you that something greater is in store. If you have a dream, work for it and go get it! Just look at every successful person who has ever lived, in any facet of life, what do they all have in common? Grit. You can't learn it from reading (although you should be reading - lots) or standing idly by, you learn it by trying and failing and trying again. Or, in the words of Winston Churchill:


"Success is going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm."


Don't think you have to figure it all out today or even in the next few years. Just work hard, do right, and sometime your chance will come. "As with all matters of the heart, you'll know it when you find it." - Steve Jobs. But when you do "find it," make it yours and dedicate your life to something greater than yourself. Work your butt off to see that dream realized, then dream bigger. 

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