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This Is How You Double Your Success

July 29, 2016


You are only one skill away from doubling your success. 


Want to be more successful? Invest in yourself a little more than you are right now. 


I firmly believe that we will regret the things we don't do more than the mistakes we make along the way. At least when we are making mistakes we are learning and improving, when you do nothing, you learn nothing and become nothing. 


I know, I know, you don't have enough time in your day to learn anything new, try something new, and do all the things you wish you could and probably should. 


It is not that you don't have enough time, it's that you just don't care enough to make the time. There are tradeoffs in everything you do. You just have to ask yourself: "what problem do I want?"


Make a list on your vision board of all the things you want to accomplish and what you want to become. Do something every day to get a little closer to that goal. Believe you can do and, then go out and work like you have it. 

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