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Stop Worrying, Start Working

August 5, 2016



"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt


I came to a really cool realization today. Just stop worrying and start living, Right? But like most things, easier said than done.


I have written a lot recently on the importance of setting goals, planning well and tracking your progress. One day, when I was tracking my progress and updating my goals like I do every quarter, month, week, and day, that I had spent literally hours upon hours worrying about this stuff that I hadn't actually done any real work. 


I spent the whole week coming up with the perfect workout schedule that I felt like I couldn't actually start working out yet. I spent days upon days coming up with the perfect business model that I didn't ever write any content, research marketing ideas, or make any phone calls. I set so many personal goals that I never really developed in any area specifically. 


Don't get me wrong, setting goals and having a plan is vital, just make it more simple. A business plan should fit on one slide of a powerpoint. A mission statement should be one sentence long, but then once you have something, stop fretting about making the wording just perfect or tweaking a point here or there, because you are going to do a fair amount of tweaking and learning along the way once you start actually getting work done. Understand what needs to happen, but then move and and go make it happen. 


Strategy is easy, work is harder


Just start working. Not fake work. Strategizing is vitally important, but when it takes the time you would be spending doing real work, then it becomes fake work. At that point you can be "working" all day and get nothing done. In fact, your strategy might at that point be so complex that you don't really understand it, let alone convey it to other members of your team. 


So stop thinking so much, start working, spend less time worrying about "how" you are going to get something done and just get it done. 


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