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The Challenge of Culture

November 2, 2016


Culture is not something that remains the stagnant. It is always changing, day it and day out, with every new person coming in and every person leaving. 


Many organizations make the mistake of just letting culture happen. Organizations that have a vibrant culture do for good reason, it’s created on purpose and with purpose. 


The strength of a good culture is measured by how well it functions on its own. The Romans new the importance of culture, they created an empire where generals and leaders managed and led according to a certain understanding. When they rode their chariots over the hill, they would sometimes be gone for years. The only way to ensure they would act accordingly to the empire’s culture was to ensure it was part of everything they did before they left. 


Culture will happen no matter what, in our organizations and relationships. We decided where it will take us. We decide how we get there.  

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