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Good Is The Enemy Of Great

November 9, 2016

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Travel the world? Start a company? Learn chess? And the list goes on and on... Well why haven't you? That is the question of the universe. We say we want certain things but then never do anything to actually get them. We what a whole lot of something for a whole lot of nothing. 


I think the biggest reason many of us never really express ourselves in the creative way we want to is because we are afraid. We fear that it just won't be GOOD enough. So, we never do anything about it. What would our world look like if the great artists before us gave up before they even picked up the camera, sat in front of the canvas or started writing? 


If you have something itching away at you, something you know you aren't good at, but still feel like you need to express it, don't let that hold you back, because you might just be great at it. 


Most people don't even achieve 1% of their goals. The 1% do. Be the 1%. Don't let the need to be perfect or produce perfect work get in the way of you doing your best work and feeling the ultimate level of satisfaction. 


Don't let "good" be the enemy of "great". 

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