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The Power of an Idea

November 16, 2016


I recently finished reading “Big Magic,” an inspiring read that challenges people from all walks of life and career paths to live a more creative life. Elizabeth Gilbert elegantly expresses how she feels about ideas and how they shape the world around us. 


I noticed myself taking as much time thinking about the principles presented in the book as I did reading the actual book. I caught myself thinking about the ideas that have come and gone. Sometime ideas hit me so strongly that I literally can’t function throughout the day unless I help shape those ideas into reality. Sometimes I have to work really hard to come up with good ideas. I meticulously analyze my morning and nightly routines to make sure I create the ideal environment for my ideas to grow. 




Gilbert argues that ideas have a will. I most certainly agree. I highly recommend “Big Magic” as it will allow you view things from a more curious perspective rather than letting fear creep in and take over. 

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