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Don't Know What Your Passion Is? That's Okay...

February 6, 2017


As I see my friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and other people in my network advance in their careers and change jobs, I wonder what they consider to be their passion.


We are asked from a young age, and then are continued to be asked the question: "what do you want to be when you grow up." Usually our first answer when we are young can be a telling sign of our personality or what we are meant to “do,” but life continues to shape us and mold us into something else. 


Staying true to who we are in a world that is constantly trying to make us into something different is one of the true signs of success. But what if we don’t know what we are supposed to do or become when we grow up?


I don’t know the right answer to this complicated question, but I do know where to start - start where you are with what you have. Just keep moving forward, try new things, meet new and interesting people, and continue to ask yourself hard questions. 


When we take the time to ask ourselves difficult questions, we open up the pathways to receiving answers. We can’t receive answers until we ask. 


And maybe we aren’t “supposed” to do just one thing for the rest of our lives either. It can be really inspiring when we find an individual who has dedicated their whole life to becoming great at something. However, people who are still “figuring it out” can still add a significant amount of value. They add a sense of dynamism and complexity allowing others around them to be more open-minded and capable of doing more. 


So if you are still trying to find your passion. Be patient with yourself and with others. Keep creating stuff, anything, just keep moving and creating. One day, it will hit you and you will know that you have been working towards that moment your whole life. 

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